I got a new Guitar

23 Aug 2015

I’ve been playing guitar nearly everyday for the past year - I couldn’t get a piano in my flat and a guitar was the next best option, way more portable! I got into the habit of visiting the Rock Shop most weekends to check out all the equipment and came across a Martin LX1E - a guitar I’ve been very interested in after watching a lot of Ed Sheeran videos.

After playing it in the store, I made the rash decision and decided that it was time to replace my first guitar for something a little better and ended up walking out the store with it 🎉

I could not be more happy with it!

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When I first bought a guitar I also picked up a Boss-RC30 loop pedal. It allows me to loop two tracks at the same time, along with a mic input - which I’ve yet to make use of. You can also save any recorded tracks and copy them to your computer.

It’s great for laying down a few chords to then practice scales and improv over the top. You probably don’t follow me on Instagram, but I often post videos of me and some loops that I’ve created or covering.

Random notes #guitar

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Last week I realised that YouTube has now opened up live streaming to anyone, so I’m looking into the possibility of getting some gear that will allow me to live stream my jam sessions in the flat. I’d like to create a visual diary of sorts that will allow me to look back to see my progression.

Anyway, for now back to practicing on my own!