Hello 👋, I'm Will

I'm a human being who writes software, enjoys music, and lives in Vancouver BC 🇨🇦.

I've created software for the Apple devices that live on your wrist, your pocket and under your tv using Swift and Objective-C. I love to learn. I love to figure out how to write clean, maintainable code. I love to work with beautiful designs. And I love a perfectly brewed cup of tea! ☕️

You can checkout my github profile for things I'm working on, and my twitter profile for whatever I feel like retweeting on a given day, or learn more about me.


I like to sporadically write the occasional thing on my blog. Here's my latest posts.

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Personal Projects

There's always a lot more to consider than code when it comes to digital products. The projects below have been a great way for me to experience, and be in charge of the full lifecycle of product development.

The project I'm most proud of was the app that started my App Store Career, Tides NZ. It has enjoyed being the #1 Navigation app in New Zealand since it's release in May 2011. As far as I can tell its since saturated the NZ market of people looking for Tide Predictions, received 500+ ratings with an average rating of 4.8, and gave me a little bit of pocket money.

iPhone Camera Plugin for OBS Studio
2018 - Current
I played around with the OBS Studio plugin API in C++ to write a plugin that allows you to stream high quality video from your iPhone's camera over USB.
Telecast Webcam for Macos
2020 - Current
Use your iPhone camera as a webcam. An extension to the Camera Plugin for OBS Studio. Windows coming soon.
Road Code NZ
2017 - Current
Learn the New Zealand road code with this app. Me and my co-creator Waleeg decided to make this app so we could learn the motorcycle road code.
Tides NZ
2011 - Current
Tides NZ was the first iOS app I created. I got the idea through a summer of skim-boarding, to which knowing what the tide was doing was essential for me and a few friends. Turns out that other people like to know what the tide is doing!


I’ve tinkered with computers for as long as I remember and, naturally, that's led me down a path that's gotten me into the tech industry. Over the last decade I've worked at a bunch of great companies and worked on a large variety of projects, products and technologies. I've found a niche developing on Apple platforms in the industry that I thorougly enjoy, and met some great people along the way.

Here's a list of the companies I've worked with:

Founding Engineer / 2023 - Current
A startup working on something new.
Founder / 2020 - Current
My own studio for apps and hardware projects.
iOS Developer / 2018 - 2020
After moving to Vancouver, BC, I managed to land a job at an agency that I’ve admired from afar for a while. The people I worked with here were great. I worked on a bunch of projects during my time at MetaLab. It was a very hard decision to leave because of what we worked on, the people and the mindset.
iOS Technical Lead / 2012 - 2017
I joined PaperKite as the first full-time engineering hire. I wore a bunch of hats over the 5 years; I helped build products for our clients, build out the technical team, and over the 5 years, grow from 3 employees to 24. I learned a lot, and I’ll never forget the experience. In terms of iOS projects, I worked on creating around 30 Objective-C & Swift based iOS applications for wide variety of clients and use cases.