I’m a software engineer currently living in windy Wellington, New Zealand. I create software for the Apple devices that live on your wrist, your pocket and under your tv using Swift and Objective-C. I adore clean code, beautiful design and a perfectly brewed cup of tea ☕️.

I’m the Technical Lead at PaperKite, where I’ve been since March 2013, and have been involved with projects of all shapes and sizes. Being a service company we’re lucky enough to play with a lot of new (and old!) technology and create apps that an incredible amount of people use everyday 🎉.


When I have nothing to do I sometime ramble about things on my blog. Maybe one day there will be something of use to you. Here’s my latest posts.

Personal Projects

I get a kick out of making things, so it doesn’t stop when I get home. I’d love to make something that people love to use. Check out my GitHub page to see what I’ve been up to recently.

My product journey so far has been extremely educational. There’s so much more to consider than a few lines of code! The most successful personal project of mine Tides NZ, has been a great success and has enjoyed being the #1 Navigation app in New Zealand since it’s release in May 2011!

Tides NZ

Tides NZ was the first iOS app I created. I got the idea through a summer of skim-boarding, which knowing what the tide was doing was essential for me and my mates.

Tides USTides AUSTides UK


After launching Tides NZ, I came across AppFigures. While they don't have a companion app, they do provide a public API for third parties to play with. Hence Sales was born.


Things that haven't ended up in the AppStore.

Alternate NZ Herald Client

I decided to reverse engineer the NZ Herald API and attempt to make a simple news client that replicates Medium's fantastic app (especially the scrolling).

Swift Particles

I came across Sketch.js and a Particle demo. I quite liked it so spent an hour or so to implement (port js really..) something similar in Swift. It brought back memories of writing games in action script.