I was on the Swift Coders Podcast!

09 Jul 2017

Back in May, I was invited to talk on the Swift Coders Podcast. The host Garric and I began talking after the events of 8 November 2016, when he suddenly felt the need to seek opportunities outside of the US.

Anyway… we managed to sort out a time that worked for us both. Being in LA and Wellington the differences in timezones didn’t end up being too bad. I managed to get up early, neck a coffee and be awake and alert for the 9 am interview! ☕️

We talked about how I got into the industry, how I come up with ideas for my app (solve my own pain points) and talked about Swift. I’d never done anything like this before - my voice sounds awful when I listen back to the recording!

Garric is a great host so I quickly felt a bit more comfortable, and ended up feeling pretty good about it. After it was over!

It’s now had over 3.7k downloads which blows my mind.

You can listen to my episode here https://swiftcoders.podbean.com/e/53-will-townsend-ios-team-lead-at-paperkite/ (if you don’t listen to this episode, you should bookmark the podcast regardless - it should be on every Swift developers playlist 😀)