09 July 2017

I was on the Swift Coders Podcast!

Back in May, I was invited to talk on the Swift Coders Podcast. The host Garric and I began talking after the events of 8 November 2016, when he suddenly felt the need to seek opportunities outside of the US.

Anyway… we managed to sort out a time that worked for us both. Being in LA and Wellington the differences in timezones didn’t end up being too bad. I managed to get up early, neck a coffee and be awake and alert for the 9 am interview! ☕️

We talked about how I got into the industry, how I come up with ideas for my app (solve my own pain points) and talked about Swift. I’d never done anything like this before - my voice sounds awful when I listen back to the recording!

Garric is a great host so I quickly felt a bit more comfortable, and ended up feeling pretty good about it. After it was over!

It’s now had over 3.7k 5k downloads which blows my mind. 🤯

You can listen to my episode here https://swiftcoders.podbean.com/e/53-will-townsend-ios-team-lead-at-paperkite/ (if you don’t listen to this episode, you should bookmark the podcast regardless - it should be on every Swift developers playlist 😀)

Will Townsend

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