I wore several hats at PaperKite between March 2013 - July 2017. I spent the majority of time developing iOS applications for a wide variety of clients and use cases.

Yearly Challenge

Rather than make new years resolution that I stop doing after February, since 2014 I've set myself yearly challenges.

2018 - The Month Project

A track every month

I've been tinkering with the guitar and music product for a few years now, but haven't actually finished anything. This year will change that.

I'm going to release, finished or not, a piece of audio/track evey month.

2017 - Instagram, a photo every day

In 2017 I made the concious descision to take a photo every day. I knew that this would be a big year for me as I had a lot of travel plans. I went all over Europe, the USA and visited Canada during the second half of the year after leaving my job! This is crazy to look back on, in a great way.

2014 - Instagram, a photo every day

This was the first project, and it started accidentally. I started posting one picture per day, and then I realised it was near September and I'd been doing it since the first of Jan. It so was incredible to look back on and see what you'd been up to that I decided to keep going.